“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” – Leonardo da Vinci

In the traces of my childhood I remember the smell of chalk, the smell of paint, charcoal prints at my fingertips. Back then I didn’t know what doodle was, nor the vast dimensions one could create, what others could only comprehend. Growing up on the streets of Sombor, Serbia, not coincidentally, I’d say. A city, the choice of many seemingly similar to one another, and yet different, artists, painters, writers, poets… Throughout my high school days, I realized the immense love I had for fine lines, small elements and details along with patterns that spontaneously combined all of my imagination into various creations of silly illustrations.
Time has taught me to grow alongside my gift, yet often hiding from the view of others the energy and visual power and the will to create was growing stronger. Gradually passing onto powerful prints created in various illustration programs, where I played with various techniques and Photoshop itself.
My further education took me to Novi Sad, Serbia, where ink and Iksill became one in student newspapers at two universities. Where comics and collages follow one after another, unaware that it will come to life in the eye of the beholder and be loved, even needed. I began discovering the subtleties of my black fine liner pen and created my own black and white doodle world, in which special characters lived, embedded with unique energy and all those who happened to brush up against these mind creations would become a part of my doodle world. After graduation, my hobby turned into pure love, and today it is something I see myself making a career out of. A part of me that I could transfer faithfully, just as every artist conveys themselves through their creations. Many of these mind creations are perpetuating the offices and homes of those who recognize and breathe life into them, allowing themselves to become a part of my personal story.
 I was born on July, 11th 1990, and gifted the name Ivana Bjelic by my parents. I finished high school in Sombor, Serbia in 2009, and contribute my love for drawing and art to the late painter Ljubisa Dimitrijevic who was my school teacher, and a man that guided me to discover the dimensions in which a pen is not enough, and that the imagination should be allowed to dance unrestrained in order to allow some of the best creations to come to life.
In 2014 I graduated from the Faculty of Management as a Media major. Upon graduation, I contributed my time to further development and learning of graphic design in Novi Sad.
The Novi Sad spirit of education and the formation and development of becoming an adult in the years which followed my move from Sombor, is what gave me wind under my wings to do what I love. And those who meet me today know me as a freelance illustrator by the name of Iksill.
I’m currently preparing my first solo exhibition in Novi Sad, which I will announce on my official pages and through the media. In addition, I want to mention that I’m working on my first coloring book for adults, which is reaching its final stages of production and which I believe will be one of the must haves for most people and also serve as a medium of anti-stress therapy. In technical terms it will be an Anti-stress coloring book by Iksill – Ivana Bjelic, in less technical terms an ordinary book for curious souls who want something creative for themselves.
In case you enjoyed any of my creations, or would like to order one for yourself, or even ask me any questions in regards to them, I would be more than happy to offer answers or suggestions. Feel free to contact me through any of my official pages:

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